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Past Life Regression Hypnosis

I've noticed a shift in the past few months.

I’ve noticed a significant uptick in interest in past life regressions starting in December.

I’m not sure the reason - perhaps folks are just becoming more open to the concept of reincarnation; perhaps coming into the new year, there’s some increased desire for spiritual exploration; or perhaps people are just trying to make some sort of sense of a world that can feel increasingly painful and scary.

The experiences that clients have really do run the gamut - some get to experience one very simple, peaceful life - with a simple message for them to bring back into consciousness today.

Others incidentally jump into several different lives during one regression.

Some are, to be quite honest, incredibly emotional or painful.

But there’s always some form of healing that comes out of it. There is always some reason that the client experiences that particular life - even if just to view the concept of living from a different light.

After taking a client through several different scenes from the past life, I then bring them through the ‘death transition’, where they witness how they passed in that lifetime. They then get to experience the feeling of the soul leaving the body, returning to the pure love, pure peace of the soul drifting in between lives.

When that happens, any of the painful emotions or experiences are viewed from a completely different light.

“Oh I went through that painful experience but I feel at peace now. So I know that I will always be okay.”

It's a beautiful perspective shift.

My role as a hypnotherapist.

I’ve had several different intuitives share with me that past life regressions would be a large part of my hypnotherapy practice, and that honestly hadn’t been the case to date. But I am now noticing this significant shift, which is really exciting to see.

My instagram handle is @soulalignmenthypnosis - because I do personally view hypnosis as a spiritual experience. That is what I believe my role is - to help people align and connect with their soul - their higher self.

While I have many clients that I work with on a purely clinical level; I have other clients that I take a more spiritual lens with, depending on their views and the direction that feels best for them.

If you're feeling curious at all about Past Life Regression hypnosis or spiritual hypnosis in general, schedule a free consultation.

Want to learn more?

If you are curious about the concept of Past Life Regression therapy, here are a few key books I'd recommend reading:

  • Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss (this is probably the most referenced book when talking about Past Life Regression)

  • Journey of Souls by Michael Newton (this gives a perspective on 'life between lives' hypnotherapy - where the soul goes in between incarnations)

  • Only Love is Real by Brian Weiss (a beautiful story about romantic soulmates)

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