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Investing in Yourself

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

"An investment in yourself will never lead to regret."

When I graduated from college, I decided to do something about the social anxiety that had plagued me for so long. While earning an entry-level salary - living in New York City, working for a non-profit organization (ergo, a very low-level salary), I decided to commit to myself and see a cognitive behavior therapist.

I first met with a few different therapists that were in-network, convinced that that was all I could afford. After a few bad experiences, I tried someone out of network, and finally connected with the right person. At that moment, I knew that if I actually wanted to make the changes that I’d been seeking - I had to give up that old money story. I had to make an uncomfortable, albeit important, financial investment in myself.

From then on, I recognized that investing in myself is the most important, and the most valuable way that I could spend money. It’s my life - it's my happiness. If I’m miserable with how I’m experiencing the world every day, living in fear, anxiety, depression - why live?

I’ve recently felt pressure from family to buy a home. And I had this realization that the amount of money I’ve invested into myself in the past 12 years is essentially the amount of a down payment. And that made me smile. I will always prioritize investing in myself - in experiences - in healing - over anything else. It’s simply who I am, and it's what I value.

You get to choose what you invest in. You get to choose what’s important to you. For some people, owning a home is a higher priority. For me, that simply hasn't been the case.

The money I’ve invested into myself has brought me to where I am today. The confidence that I’ve gained - the ability to stay true to myself - the ability to acknowledge and embrace the fact that the tech-world and the nonprofit world were both equally, painfully soul-crushing for me - the courage to quit a cushy tech-job to start up my own business - to embrace my free-spirited nature - would have never happened without the investments that I’ve made in myself.

What I’ve seen from personal experience and from working with clients is that often in order to experience drastic, lasting change - you need to be a bit uncomfortable. When you’ve financially invested in something, you really commit to it.

What could matter more than your own happiness? Your own life? To me, not much.

If you are looking to make some drastic shifts in your life, but not getting the results you want from talk therapy, coaching, or other healing modalities, schedule a free consultation with me to learn more about the powerful shifts you can experience with hypnosis, in a very short time..

The consultation is completely commitment-free, and we can discuss how hypnosis can best support you in meeting your goals this upcoming year.

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