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Sasha L.

"Adrianna is not just an excellent hypnotherapist, but a wonderful person. I didn't quite know what to expect when I started working with her, but she made me feel comfortable right away. She has helped me so much in learning to live a happier and fuller life. She is a great listener in times of struggle and a cheerleader in times of success. I couldn't recommend her more!"

Blair C.

"Working with Adrianna has been so transformative! I was looking for a much needed change from talk therapy and am so lucky to have found her.  This was my first experience with one on one hypnosis and the sessions have been incredible. Having our time on the calendar together to look forward to is such a relief. Her energy is warm, inviting, and she connects with you with such care and consideration of your ultimate goals. She was a powerful partner in helping me to make realistic expectations for myself and honor the process. For what it’s worth, her voice is also perfect for this work!! I am able to get so deep and feel so held in doing so. If you are looking for a new modality or practitioner to guide you on your healing journey, I cannot recommend her enough!"

Amy S.

"Adrianna is a wonderful, supportive person to guide you through hypnosis. She is caring, knowledgeable, and has great zeal.  Hypnosis with Adrianna has been positive, relaxing, and helpful. I have noticed lasting change in my daily habits, patterns, and thoughts. I can’t even explain how this has happened. I feel calmer in previously anxiety-provoking situations,...I can take the train or any kind of transportation without feeling fear, dread, claustrophobia, and panic. I feel calm in my own skin...and feeling more confident to pursue my own goals career-wise and academically."

Sam R.

"I went into the [Past Life Regression] session with the intention to gain insight into an area of my life that needed support or healing and found that I experienced just that. I was able to pinpoint a root cause of grief and guilt in my throat that I believe contributes to my thyroid complications. I was able to experience my mother from this lifetime who had passed away. It felt better than seeing her in a dream! I felt her love like we were reuniting for the first time in a long time. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. "

James R.

"Adrianna has helped me with several issues that have held me back throughout life.  I have been to therapy, had a life coach, experienced structured meditation challenges, but with 2 sessions with Adrianna I was able to confront and overcome my issues and concerns."


"I wanted to let you know that my radiation simulation went flawlessly yesterday. The entire experience literally happened as you described in the session and recording - I cannot thank you enough! I listened to the recording three more times and truly think it's the reason I did not panic or have any anxiety ."

Erica V.

"Adrianna and I worked specifically on creating confidence when it comes to romantic relationships in my life. I've been seeing changes everyday, and know I will achieve my desired results. I love how Adrianna incorporated details from the journal entries I provided to create specific visualizations. I always looked forward to our sessions! The sessions have helped me grow my overall confidence and I've been seeing changes after listening to the recorded sessions as well."

Julie B.

"In addition to the benefits of the real-time hypnosis session, which feel both practical and meditative, I know have 2-3 very concrete tools, visualizations, etc. that I can come back to anytime - when I'm avoiding nail-biting/picking or when I'm in otherwise stressful and anxiety-inducing situations!"


"I had an extremely positive experience working with Adrianna and I am so grateful that she helped me become a permanent non-smoker. Before starting hypnotherapy, I'd been deeply addicted to vaping for several years and felt hopeless at the prospect of quitting because nothing I tried would ever work. Hypnotherapy was the only thing left I hadn't tried and I am so glad I did. Adrianna helped me achieve something I thought was impossible by helping me completely give up my vape. She is a very thoughtful, kind, patient person and made me feel incredibly cared for and supported throughout our time working together. In addition to the extremely impactful hypnotherapy sessions, she helped guide me through my quitting journey with a variety of tips and strategies to employ in my day to day. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to quit a habit they've been struggling with for a while."

Mandy N.

"I recently had a past life regression session with Adrianna. I was nervous as this was my first time being hypnotized. She really took her time explaining to me every step and detail. I felt very safe and comfortable. My experience with the actual past life session was mind blowing. From working with her I have been able to see some past life fear I have been hanging onto and am now working to let it go. I highly recommend working with her! She is wonderful."


"Adrianna's voice will guide you to a very deep relaxing and safe state where you will be able to tap in your subcosncious and visit your past lives. Her expertise is unmatched, I totally recommend her."

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