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The Power of Suggestion

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

"Whatever your conscious mind assumes and believes to be true, your subconscious mind will accept and bring to pass." Joseph Murphy

A family member of mine was recently given a terminal diagnosis. And all I could think of was Joe Dispenza, the power of the mind, and the power of suggestion - everything I’ve been studying for the past year in hypnotherapy school, everything I’ve learned about the law of attraction.

I believe that a medical professional, when delivering a terminal diagnosis, believes that they are doing right by the patient in giving them a timeline for the amount of life they have left to live. I believe it’s coming from a good place with a positive intention. Due to my educational and spiritual background, I also believe that it is incredibly dangerous, and is essentially embedding a death sentence into that person's subconscious mind.

When someone is receiving medical news, they are in a hyper-suggestible state. Their subconscious is wide open, ready to receive any and all suggestions without a fight. Their critical filter, which would typically do a double-take before absorbing the information into the subconscious, is essentially non-functional during these moments. That doctor has so much power in their hands when delivering this news, and may not be realizing exactly what they are doing by saying that to their patient.

I had a client recently talk to me about a past hypnotist they’d worked with and the positive results she’d had. The client dismissed it - saying ‘it was probably just the placebo effect’. I had to stop for a moment and explain, the placebo effect is what we’re honing through hypnosis. It is utilizing the power of the mind to heal our physical body. To change our brain chemistry. To upgrade our energy. To alchemize our reality.

We often downplay the placebo effect - but in hypnosis, we are intentionally using the power behind that phenomena for positive change - we are utilizing that innate power to heal ourselves and to take the reins of our own life, in any and all regards.

Our minds will create that reality once that is so deeply embedded into our subconscious mind. Our energy will match that reality, and call it in via the law of attraction. We will make it come true.

" impeccable with your word. Your words...hold way more power than you may realize, and we must be ever conscious of what seeds we are planting."

At the same time, the opposite is true for something that we believe to be harmful (what is called the 'nocebo' effect). From this, we can literally make ourselves sick.

I recently had an incredibly powerful astrological birth chart reading. And so much of it resonated, which further increased the importance that I was giving to all of the words of the astrology reader. Yet the reader told me some things about my future which were not so easy to hear – and left me feeling a bit like I had no control over certain aspects of my life in the next couple of years. I had to take a step back and remind myself that I am not beholden to anything; while yes, we likely have a blueprint before coming here - we also all have free will; and I can choose to reject certain predictions about my life and about my body that I do not want to allow in. I do have the power to create my own reality.

All of that to say: to those of us in the healing profession - and really any profession otherwise - be impeccable with your word. Your words - and the state of mind of whomever is on the receiving end - hold way more power than you may realize, and we must be ever conscious of what seeds we are planting.

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