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Hypnosis and Spirituality

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

My views on the spiritual side of hypnosis

When I set out to become a hypnotherapist in February '21, it wasn’t the typical trajectory for that career. I had never actually worked with a hypnotherapist before, but I had been on a deep spiritual journey that introduced me to this incredible modality which enables someone to activate their own limitlessness through liberating their mind.

I decided to start school before ever having been officially hypnotized. And from the moment I began classes, I knew I was in the right place. My soul was happy. Learning how to use the power of your mind to bring you the life that you want. Learning how to facilitate that process, co-create a client's desired outcome. What could be more powerful than that?

There are some hypnotherapists who view this modality more clinically; and others who view it more spiritually; and of course everything in between. I tend to view the hypnotic state as a deep connection with your soul, where both spiritual experiences and clinical changes take place.

“Learning how to use the power of your mind to bring you the life that you want. Learning how to facilitate that process, co-create a client's desired outcome. What could be more powerful than that?”

As I began to work with my own hypnotherapist, I realized that being in hypnosis gave me access to the spirit world in ways that I had only experienced after hours and hours of meditation during intuitive development workshops. I recall during one hypnotic journey, to visit a ‘wise one’ - be it your higher self, spirit guide, internal wisdom, a passed loved one - and my Grandpa showed up, giving me a specific message. It was incredibly emotional for me, and I felt so touched and connected to him after that session.

After these types of spiritual encounters, I always second-guess myself. Did I make it up? Was my Grandpa’s soul truly there talking to me, or did I just want that to be the case? So when I had a psychic reading the following week, and the psychic medium shared the same exact message from my Grandpa and all of my ancestors, I felt confirmation that going into trance truly opens you up to a different realm.

I had this experience before I had taken any classes on Past Life Regression, or read any of Brian Weiss's (Many Lives, Many Masters, Only Love is Real) or Michael Newton’s (Journey of Souls) books. So to have had that personal experience, and to then learn about and read these case histories of folks who had traveled to other lives, met with souls in the spirit realm, and had received incredible healing from doing so – further shaped my view that hypnosis is a truly spiritual practice.

I work with clients on both ends of the spectrum. I have my own belief system, and would never impose my own beliefs on someone else. Hypnosis is your own journey - wherever you are, and wherever you’re needed to go, you will be taken by your subconscious mind. Some clients want to quit smoking, or lose weight, or overcome their fear of flying – all of which can definitely seem more clinical, and in some ways is.

In actuality, how you see it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. If you see it as a clinical science, or if you see it as a spiritual connection - or some combination of both; you’re going to have the same positive benefits, and experience the same magic.

Regardless of what you believe, I do know that being in hypnosis is bringing you completely into a state of being that we seldom reach during our day to day, where all tension and stress is gone from the body, gone from the mind. The simple act of going into hypnosis - regardless of what type of hypnotic suggestions that you receive, or what type of imagery journey that you go on - will provide healing properties.

And so - whatever beliefs you have or don’t have about spirituality, hypnosis will still work for you.

If you do believe in a spirit/higher-self/soul/whatever you would like to call it, and are looking for a way to raise your vibration to the point of soul connection, hypnosis is one path to get there.

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