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Self-Love hypnosis audio
Hypnosis Audio for Self-Love

25 minute hypnosis audio with theta frequencies to tap into self-love and self-confidence.  

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Workshop & Audio for Attracting Your Romantic Soulmate

Journaling exercises and ~30 minute audio with binaural beats to utilize the law of attraction in manifesting your most aligned romantic partner.

past life regression teachable (1024 × 576 px).png
Past Life Regression Workshop Replay

Catch the replay of a group past life regression hypnosis session.  You'll learn what to expect from hypnosis and the regression, and then have an experience into one past life.

Self Worth Bundle - Teachable (2).png
Self-Worth Bundle

The self-worth bundle is a 4-week online program designed to help you reprogram your mind self-worth. With weekly hypnosis audios  and journaling prompts, a daily hypnosis audio, and an EFT tapping video, you'll have all the tools you need to support your journey towards greater self-esteem and self-worth.

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