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Hypnotherapy for Grief & Depression

Are you grieving a loss?  Are you having trouble coming out of depression?

Hypnotherapy is incredibly powerful allowing you to move forward from loss, and in reconnecting you with a more optimistic, happier self.

Hypnotherapy is incredibly powerful in allowing you to heal from loss and hopelessness, and to move forward.

Hypnotherapy for Depression

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of depression such as feeling lonely, empty, sad, or hopeless, having lost interest in activities that once gave you joy, lacking motivation or energy, hypnotherapy can help you come back to a happier, more optimistic, more engaged and motivated version of yourself.

How it helps: While you’re in hypnosis, you fall into a natural healing state where the mind and body can relax, and your mind can focus on the words being said in that moment.  The subconscious mind responds very well to guided imagery; for depression I use positive imagery journeys instilling newfound hope and optimism.  When in hypnosis, the client becomes very suggestible, so we’ll reconnect the client to positive feelings of joy, happiness, motivation, and we can create new neural pathways allowing the client to begin to feel those positive feelings in daily life.

Hypnotherapy for Grief Recovery

If you’re having trouble moving forward from losing a past loved one, a challenging break up, losing a friendship or a job, or any other painful loss, hypnotherapy can help you accept the situation as it is and move forward with renewed feelings of hope and optimism.

How it helps: While in the healing state of hypnosis - the client is able to experience a reprieve from the painful experience of the loss.  During sessions, we’ll support the client in accepting the loss, in providing imagery encouraging forward movement, and in building self-empowerment.  If the grief is the result of a loss of a loved one, some clients choose to meet with that loved one while in hypnosis.

Sasha L.

Adrianna is not just an excellent hypnotherapist, but a wonderful person. I didn't quite know what to expect when I started working with her, but she made me feel comfortable right away. She has helped me so much in learning to live a happier and fuller life. She is a great listener in times of struggle and a cheerleader in times of success. I couldn't recommend her more!

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