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Hypnotherapy for Stress & Anxiety

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, or overburdened by life?

Do you have anxious thoughts about the future and uncertainties in life?

Do you experience panic attacks?

Do you experience an exaggerated amount of anxiety in social situations?

Hypnosis can help create a calm, relaxed, natural state of being in just a few sessions and is incredibly powerful for mental health and creating a positive environment within your mind. 

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

If you experience having the ‘Sunday scaries’ before heading back to work, having anxious thoughts about the future/uncertainties of life, if you often find yourself with that pit in your stomach or experiencing panic attacks, hypnosis can help create a calm, relaxed, natural state of being in just a few sessions.

How it helps:

Hypnosis takes you into a natural healing state, allowing your body to come into a calm, relaxed, parasympathetic state of being.  The act of going into hypnosis each week has a tendency to reduce anxiety even when that isn’t the specific focus of the sessions.  While in hypnosis, we create new subconscious programming allowing your natural baseline to be calmer and more relaxed in day to day life.  Anxiety reduction is typically the first positive shift someone experiences from hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety

Do you find yourself experiencing extreme anxiety when you’re put under pressure?  That might show up as stage freight, being afraid to perform, being unable to perform sexually, being incredibly nervous when being watched by a boss or an authority figure, experiencing debilitating anxiety symptoms, or finding your mind going blank under pressure.  

How it helps: 

With hypnotherapy, we desensitize you to any situations that once created the anxiety, and through visualization and imagery, we’ll instill new positive images of you experiencing the situation just as you would like to experience it.  We’ll also address any root-cause limiting beliefs or events that are triggering the anxiety response.

Hypnotherapy for Stress

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or overburdened by life, if you find that it’s hard to concentrate because there’s just too much going on, and are frequently irritable or frustrated, learn to focus on the present moment and release any stress or tension that is preventing you from living your life.  Hypnosis can significantly lower stress levels and allow you to live life calmly, in the present moment.

How it helps: 

Hypnosis can bring you into the present moment - where any stress or anxiety is put on the backburner.  It is a hyper-focused state where the body relaxes and the mind calms, allowing you to come out of the session feeling refreshed and ready to move forward in a more productive headspace.  Over time, your natural stress response lessens and you learn to tap into that calm state


Hypnotherapy for Social Anxiety


If you find yourself with social anxiety, constantly worrying about what other people think of you, feeling anxious meeting new people, feeling anxious or fearful being in groups of people, going on dates, speaking in front of people, or being the center of attention, hypnosis can help you build the calm confidence to show up as your best self in any social situation.

How it helps: 

While in hypnosis, we can regress back to the original incident that created that social anxiety and dissociate from the original emotions experienced, allowing you to release that story.  We can also desensitize you to any anxious feelings during all of the situations that once made you anxious.  We also address the root cause of social anxiety through building self-esteem and self-confidence by embedding a positive self-image and by removing any old limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind.

James R.

Adrianna has helped me with several issues that have held me back throughout life.  I have been to therapy, had a life coach, experienced structured meditation challenges, but with 2 sessions with Adrianna I was able to confront and overcome my issues and concerns.

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