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Ways Hypnosis Can Help

After our initial intake session, a typical hypnosis session with me lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour, where we’ll work through any range of topics and focuses, depending on your needs. Below are just some of the possibilities and outcomes you can expect from our hypnosis sessions together.



Release the Past
Trauma & Grief Recovery

  • Overcome feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation, and self-doubt.

  • Move out of a state of stress and overwhelm, and come into the present moment.

  • Regain your innate sense of inner safety and self-worth.

  • Learn to manage your response to triggers.

  • Reconnect with your soul and inner protector, and heal your inner child.

  • Release attachments to the past, allowing you to move forward.

  • Move through the phases of grief in a safe environment.

Love Yourself
Increase your sense of self-esteem and self-worth

  • Stop seeking external validation, and increase self-love and self-confidence.

  • Overcome fears of rejection or judgment, leaving any social anxiety or social phobia behind.

  • Learn to forgive yourself, and let go of self-harming guilt.

  • ​Build healthy habits that make you feel like your best self.

  • Find your unique inner voice and become a confident public speaker.

Align Your Mind
Overcome limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors

  • Rewrite negative beliefs and negative self-talk, consciously creating a positive foundation for your inner mind.

  • Break the cycle of harmful or undesirable habits, patterns, and behaviors (think: toxic relationships, lack of boundary setting, nail-biting, bing-eating, binge-drinking, etc).

  • Overcome fears or phobias that are holding you back (think: fear of flying, fear of success, claustrophobia, fear of public speaking, etc).

  • Discover what blocks you have in achieving your goals, and remove them once and for all.

  • Increase motivation to achieve your goals.

Connect with Your Soul
Embody your highest self

  • Come out of depression, tapping into the lightness of your soul.

  • Connect with your own inner wisdom.

  • Gain direct access to your soul and your soul's perspective on your best path forward.

  • Develop a greater trust in your intuition.

  • Learn key lessons from Past Life memories.

  • Reconnect with your heart and your emotions in a safe place.


Create Your Future

Manifest your desires

  • Improve your existing friendships and relationships.

  • Call in a positive, healthy romantic partnership.

  • Move from a mindset of lack to a mindset of abundance.

  • Get in touch with your soul purpose and find or create a career of your dreams.

  • Embed your deepest desires into your subconscious mind, programming you to make the right decisions that will lead to your desired end-result.

If you’re ready to see how hypnosis can help you heal and expand your life in these ways, schedule a free consultation with me.
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