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Spiritual Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can be seen from both a clinical lens as well as a spiritual lens.  When you go into hypnosis, you’re in a deeply meditative state, where you have direct access to the subconscious mind.  I also personally view it as a way to get in direct contact and alignment with your soul and/or your higher self.

Do you want to connect with past loved ones, or meet with a spirit guide? Are you looking to connect more deeply with your intuition?


All of this can be attained through spiritual hypnosis.

Meet with a Spirit Guide, Your Higher Self, or a Past Loved One

When in the hypnotic state, you become more open to the world of spirit, allowing you to connect with spirit guides, your higher self, your future self, or any passed loved ones in a safe, comfortable environment.

Soul Healing

Through hypnotherapy we can offer soul healing, which can including healing and releasing your past self, connecting with your future self, cord cutting, and soul retrieval.

Connect with your Intuition

Hypnosis allows you to open up your intuition and your third eye, to hear your intuition more clearly, and to learn to trust it.

Sam R.

I went into the [Past Life Regression] session with the intention to gain insight into an area of my life that needed support or healing and found that I experienced just that. I was able to pinpoint a root cause of grief and guilt in my throat that I believe contributes to my thyroid complications. I was able to experience my mother from this lifetime who had passed away. It felt better than seeing her in a dream! I felt her love like we were reuniting for the first time in a long time. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. 

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