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Love Attraction Group Hypnosis Program

Who Are We

9 Weeks to Reprogram Your Mind to Attract Love into Your Life

Do you frequently find yourself in negative, toxic, or simply unfulfilling relationships, and find yourself struggling to break this pattern? 


When we find ourselves blocked from making a positive change in our life, there is typically some block in our subconscious mind.

In this 9-week group hypnotherapy program, I will support you in reprogramming your mind to be your most self-loving version of you - to release any baggage or negative emotions from past relationships and from your childhood, and to begin to subconsciously recognize and attract the romantic soulmates who can give you everything that you desire.

This program will include:

  • 9 weekly group hypnosis sessions

  • weekly journaling exercises

  • 9 hypnosis audios from each group journey

  • 3 10-minute daily hypnosis audios

  • 3 10-minute EFT tapping videos

Early bird pricing until March 31st!  $400 for the 9-week program.  Register below!

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