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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings can be helpful to understand if any of your energy centers are currently blocked, how to release those blocks, and to get a better sense of your path and purpose in this life.  I will also tap into 2-3 specific topics of your choice for these readings.

*Please note that medical intuition is not my strong suit!  While I may be able to gather some insights, I would suggest finding someone who specializes in medical readings for anything related to your health.

Intuitive Energy Reading

How it works:

Ahead of a reading, I will meditate on your energy and note down everything I sense in your chakras.

I will then tap into what feels 'off-path' vs 'on-path' for you.

I then tap into your purpose - which may be something related to your family line, your career, or overall soul growth.

I will then ask specifically about any topics you were asking about to gain any further insights beyond what was found in the chakras.

During the reading itself, I'll share my notes on what was found and tap into anything that requires further clarity.

James R.

Adrianna has helped me with several issues that have held me back throughout life.  I have been to therapy, had a life coach, experienced structured meditation challenges, but with 2 sessions with Adrianna I was able to confront and overcome my issues and concerns.

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