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Hypnotherapy for Relationship Challenges

If you find yourself re-creating unhealthy relationship patterns, or being overly triggered in a relationship, hypnotherapy can help.  If you are single and looking to manifest a relationship, check out my 9-week group program launching mid-April.

Hypnotherapy can allow you to shift any learned patterns, and allow you to develop stronger emotional regulation.

Hypnotherapy for Relationship Issues

If you’ve noticed yourself constantly getting into toxic, unhealthy relationships, being triggered by your partner, having an intense fear of abandonment creating anxious attachment, fearing intimacy creating avoidant attachment; or unable to forgive your partner and move on from the past, hypnosis can help you release those negative, unhealthy patterns.

How it helps: While in the suggestible state of hypnosis,  we can release any old resentments or frustrations towards someone at the subconscious level, allowing you to truly move on from the past.  Through hypnosis, calmness and relaxation becomes your more natural baseline, and as that happens we then create a pattern in the subconscious mind enabling you to calmly respond, rather than react to triggers.  By addressing any fears of abandonment, and allowing you to feel safe and loved and supported within yourself by reprogramming your beflies about yourself and about relationships,  it allows you to open up to a healthy, secure attachment with another person.

Erica V.

Adrianna and I worked specifically on creating confidence when it comes to romantic relationships in my life. I've been seeing changes everyday, and know I will achieve my desired results. I love how Adrianna incorporated details from the journal entries I provided to create specific visualizations. I always looked forward to our sessions! The sessions have helped me grow my overall confidence and I've been seeing changes after listening to the recorded sessions as well.

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